Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sri Lankan Models Photos ( 2 )

Discover the beauty of sri lankan Girls... Yes. We have started new feature from today...

Here you can see the hot and beautiful Srilankan Models girls and actress photos.

Sri Lankan girls are beautiful and really hot. After 30 years of war Sri Lankan is now enjoying their lives. Modelling industry is also started to boom with Tourism industry of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is known for Tea, Cricket, Sunny beaches, Wildlife, Ancient history and many more. But you must know Sri Lanka also has many hot & sexy beautiful girls as well. Here I share variety of Sri Lankan girls who perform in modeling industry in Sri Lanka. Enjoy...
All the credits goes to original photographers.

Imalka madumalee


  1. Imalka madumalee, girl from pala auto kelaniya. N
    iyama gona

  2. Nice to see you as ZActress Imalka nanga , All the best on your future , Don't care about Stupid's utterance, All the best from L Ayya ( Chef )

  3. get to know who she is before you comment about her you son of a bitch!! Keep your 3rd class ass away from someone glamorous you mofo!


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