Friday, April 18, 2014

Who is the VIP who had sex with 15 year old ?

The National Child Protection Authority is investigating to find out the identity of a VIP clad in national dress, who has had sex with a girl aged 15 years, whom her mother had sold to him at a star-class hotel in Colombo.

The NCPA expects to find a lead in that regard once they arrest the women.

A couple who had forced the girl into prostitution at a brothel they had run at a house at Malabe which they had rented for Rs. 30,000 a month, had already been arrested on information given by the girl.

The brothel had fronted as an ornamental fish centre, and the couple had lived there with several children to escape suspicion.

The girl, whose father is unknown, had first been forced into prostitution by her mother in 2012, when she had to schooling.

She had told everything to her grandmother who lives in Kalutara, who had got another person to complain to the NCPA.

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