Saturday, May 8, 2010

'Death Calls' ???? Dont PANIC

If you get and email or messege saying...

Hi All,
Its very important news for all of you. Do not pick up calls Under given numbers.
, 9888308001
, 9316048121 91+
, 9876266211
, 9888854137
, 9876715587
These numbers will come in red color, if the calls comes up from these numbers. Its with very high wave length, and frequency. If a call is received on mobile from these numbers, it creates a very high frequency and it causes brain ham range.
It's not a joke rather, its TRUE. 27 persons died just on receiving calls from these numbers. Watch Aaj Tak (NEWS), DD News and IBN 7.
Forward this message to all u'r friends and colleagues, and relatives """

or something similar to this... Dont PANIC. it is a HOAX. 

and please dont FORWARD or SPREAD these Fake messages. and Please let people know that is is a HOAX and NO NEED TO WORRY.

 more info

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