Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bentota Beach Fest 2013 Photos

Organized by the coalition between the Hawkeyes, Bentota Sports Club and the Sunshine Water Sports Club, the Bentota Beach Fest 2013 took place on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of March at the Bentota beach.

The beach sports championships and carnival is organized with the main aim of promoting water and beach related sports and promoting tourism in the South. In association with referees and officials from the respective sports’ governing institutes, the tourism board and the Beruwela Bentota Hotel Association, the event is being organized in full swing to reach out to the grass root level of sports and sportsmen in the Southern province.

A variety of water and beach sports including beach volleyball, beach football, beach rugby, kabadi, tug of war, rowing, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, canoeing and adventure sporting are all lined up to take place in order to encourage budding athletes and teams amidst the spectacle of beach lovers and summer tourists. After sunset, beach parties are scheduled to take place featuring the ABC network and house/dance music sensations Tom Boxer and Morena.

Tickets were priced Rs. 3500 and Rs.1500.

Photos  taken from :  samakayawate )


  1. aiooooooooooo salli

  2. If you are a great reporter u hv to visit n take some pics, it is useless to take pics from another place n paste them here


    char max !

  3. අතේ හමත් ගියා !!

  4. please be kind to remove the left hand side second picture of two girls dancing. its somewhere there down the line also, please remove it as well..


  5. thu nodakin mekath lanakawada? me lankawe eunda? shik vitarak sanskrutiyata giya kalak...munge redda beach party...oya beach part reddawal tama me rate sanskrutiya wanasana pilila....ekiyak innawada metana ega wehenna adagaththu?? tuh nodakin memath mala samayan...ada kale sadacharayak sanskrutiyak kiyala deyak ne..samalingikan wedi wennath ,,vivida apachara wennath me wage vililajja nethi dewal mulika wenawa..munta amma appala nedda emath netnam munge ammala appalatah me sakkli ganemada danne inne....hanee hapoooiiiii.......lanakwata giya kala,........

  6. god bless for sri lankan culture..

    1. dhrmaye hesirenna darrmaya wisinnma araksha karai **************

  7. mewa jeewath wenna hoda ratawl nemei bunz...

  8. mewath dakinna unane apita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apoi deyyane!

  9. mewath dakinna unane deyyane!

  10. Hoda fun ekak aran thiyanawa wage...

  11. why do not u take photo journalist,s name?

  12. non of these are new to this country, you just get to see it more often on your screen.
    corruption, rape, extortion and murder done in the name of religion, politics or some other patriotic and nationalistic views should be just as familiar acts yet no one seems to be outraged by them. i love this country but people just mind your own business


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