Thursday, March 24, 2011

Roshan Ranawana's girlfriend ?????

 Roshan Ranawana's girlfriend is not from the field of Arts, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns. According to sources, her name is Kushlani Fernando and she is a student at the Imperial College of Business Studies.

Sources add that most people the field and Roshan's mother is aware of his relationship with Ms. Kushlani.

The 29-year old actor had earlier told media that he will never marry an actress.

Roshan became famous among film lovers following the display of his acting talents in the film 'Hiri Poda Wessa'.

His popularity grew with his performance in several films such as Tharaka Mal, Aasai Mang Piyabanna, Rosa Kele, Dancing Star and Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe.

Source : Srilankamirror


  1. really dont understand whats the point of giving publicity to an artists personal life specially considering that Roshan is one of the most well behaved artists in Sri Lanka.

  2. Roshan if you dont marry POOJA then I only have one word for you. CRAZY. She is a well educated superstar. You can help her to become a mega star. She also has a good charcter like you without any controversies. Marry and keep her in SL.

  3. Pooja is the right person for you Roshan, both of you looking really good together

  4. mary than 2ka ganige


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