Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kamal Addaraarachchi's Narahenpita Brothel Raided

A brothel had been raided few days ago which had been run by a popular actor at a building in pipe Road, Narahenpita. According to unofficial sources popular actor is Kamal Addaraarachchi.

At that time police raided the brothel, there were two Taiwan prostitutes a Manager and this actor. This brothel had been run under name of a SPA. It was said that one has to pay a sum of Rs 4500 to enter the place and the prostitutes have been supplied starting from arrange of Rs 5000.

It was reported that the famous actor had made an escape after calling a Senior Police officer.

Kamal Addaraaarachchi's name name had been related to a murder of an immature actress for sexual abuse. Later on he had been presented with an award for the most popular actor. He had also been an announcer for a recent very popular Reality TV Show.

The names of Taiwan Nationals were mentioned as Dippada Chammi and Hambonan Ruckshane, The Manager  was one Sohan Manoj and his assistant was Sarath Weerasinghe were present in courts. According to Police records the owner of the brothel is one Madura Priyantha Gunatillake and they are on the lookout for his arrest. The Additional Magistrate Nishantha Pieris had ordered the above persons to be arrested until the 3rd of next month. He also had ordered that the Taiwan prostitutes be checked for ‘Aids’ tests.

When the case was taken up for hearing in the courts the name of this actor was not mentioned in any documents and in the ‘B’ report pertaining to the court case.
The Magistrate had confessed that the owner, the suspect may have disappeared somewhere.As the name of the renowned actor had not been mentioned in the ‘B’ report he did not touch on it and inquired about him.

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