Friday, October 16, 2015

Shanudrie Priyasad in Police Uniform

Actress Shanudri Priyasad, who is the daughter of a film producer and director Dinesh Priyasad has done a photo shoot in Police Uniform. She is famous in social media these days because of her answers about sri lankan Independence day.

Sirasa super star season 5 winner Dasun Madhushan and Shanudhri Priyasad Participated Sirasa Tharu Mal Atharin Programme recently. When Presenter ask simple genaral knowledge questions it was sad and surprising that both of them did not know the simple answers.

Questions were "What is the Capital of Sri Lanka ? ""When Sri lanka got Independence ? " and Dasun answered Kandy is Capital of Sri Lanka and Shanudri Said we got independence in 1964.

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