Friday, December 24, 2010

Jacqueline wants to adopt a girl child

She’s all of 26, but her aims in life belie her age. For the first time, actress and beauty queen Jacqueline Fernandez reveals that she, like Sushmita Sen, would love to be a single mother. The actress hinted that she might soon go in for adoption.

“It’s a beautiful thing to adopt a child — give them a chance to be part of a family and opportunities that they may not have had a chance to experience. It has always been a dream of mine to adopt, and when the time is right I will hopefully be able to have this dream fulfilled,” says Fernandez.

The Sri Lankan beauty revealed that she has already financially adopted a few girls in her home country in Sri Lanka. “In Sri Lanka, I participated in a church programme that was funding tsunami orphans who required schooling and basic living necessities,” she adds. The actor also plans to take up the cause of the girl child in a big way in India as well.

“I have been with Habitat for Humanity, an international NGO, for over a year now and represent this organisation for Sri Lanka. We work with the homeless, who are given a chance to build their own home from scratch. We help as volunteers by participating in building and supplying the means. I’m proud to be associated with Waves (which supports education for the girl child). I completely support the idea of girl child education getting a priority. It’s a noble thought and more women in India need to stand up and have equal rights to education,” she says.

When asked if she’s still grooving to her ‘Dhanno’ number, she announces that she’s taking a break from item numbers. “I won’t be doing an item now for a while as I don’t like to repeat myself in my work. But I feel so lucky to have been part of a movie like Housefull with the item song. It really has furthered my career in so many ways,” she ends.

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