Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Actress Vinu Wettamuni found murdered

Actress and film Producer Vinu Wettamuni was found murdered at her residence in Ratmalana this morning. The police are conducting further investigations into the incident while it is believed that three suspects were involved in the murder.

The house of the deceased actress was also ransacked. The postmortem of the victim is yet to be conducted.

The popular actress is best known for her role in her debut film Sihina Dev Duwa in 2007/08.

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FEB 19 

Actress murder, a contract? 

Police believe actress Vinoo Wettimuny had been murdered on a contract. They are also investigating on information that there may have been a dispute over a court case, in which she had been acfused of having run a brothel in Mount Lavinia.

Police say leads are on to arrest three suspects.

Source : Srilankamirror

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