Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lakshika to complain over Padmasiri

Budding actress Lakshika Jayawardhana says that she is to lodge a police complaint against cinema and teledrama Director Padmasiri Kodikara for attempting to sexually abuse her.

Lakshika says that a fake Facebook page of her has been created after her fallout with Padmasiri and that she suspects an associate of Padmasiri is behind this.

Also, she says that she has been receiving a lot of nuisance calls after the incident.

She added that she had refrained from complaining to the police earlier over strong appeals from veterans and friends in the field.

However, Padmasiri has lodged a complaint with the Kandy police against her, Lakshika says.

Noting that the police has informed her to appear on March 24 to take up the case, Lakshika adds that she has informed the police that she will be unable to be present due to a special event that will take place on the same day.

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