Friday, April 19, 2013

School girl aids lover to kill her parents

The duel murder of a rich businessman and his wife in Eraur, Batticoloa on the 8th April has been revealed as a crime planned by their own 16 year old daughter.

The farther of the businessman had seen the dead bodies when he came to the house to check in the crying of his granddaughter. And surprisingly although was present in the house, she had not been harmed by the murderers.  

Police now have discovered evidence that leads to the fact that it was this 16 year old girl who has been the master mind behind this heinous crime.

The victims are 48 year old Sivaguru Ragu, a businessman in chenkaladi and his wife, 41 year old Sundaramurthi Vipra.

In the initial investigations, Police had deployed K9 units and finger print analysts in search of clues.
But the point which baffled the police had been the motive of the crime. As the criminals had not stolen any jewelry or money, and the fact that the victims had no known enemies, have finally lead the Police to question the daughter, who, suspiciously, had given contradictory statements to the Police. And continuous interrogations had finally broken her to reveal the full story of this evil act.
The Real reason has been her wrath upon her parents for disturbing her love affair with another school boy. At one time, when he had tried to break in to the house to meet her, the father had beaten him.

Inspired by the tactics used by movie villains, the school boy along with two of his friend had hid inside the house on that dark day and with the guidance of the girl, had stabbed the parents to death.
Amazingly, these teenage assassins had used professional tactics to conceal their identity by using socks as gloves and had sprinkled chili powder to evade scent from the K9 hounds.

This had not been the first time they had attempted to take these lives. Once they had tried to poison them with sleeping pills, but had failed because the parents had refused to eat the contaminated food.
However, finally the Police were able to arrest the suspects for the duel murder based on the snapped compatriot’s confession.
It should be mentioned that no matter how hard one may try to hide, a crime never pays.

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