Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nadeesha Hemamali's heart broken

Cinema and tele actress and producer Nadeesha Hemamali has suffered heartbreak as her boy friend, the head of Siyatha television channel has left her according to SLM.

Her boy friend is a Muslim national and a father of two children. Media had reported that he had promised to marry Nadeesha after divorcing his wife.

However, he has previously maintained a close relationship with the actress Anushka Mediwaka as well.

Event though these two were planning to get married this year, Nadeesha she has broken up with her boy friend due to incompatibilities between them.

She was bold enough to say that she will not remain single forever and ready to marry even a divorced man.

‘ People make mistakes, they should be given an opportunity to correct those mistakes’, she said.

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