Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Postinor 2 is the most popular pill in FTZs

Postinor 2 - the emergency contraceptive pill introduced by the Family Planning Association to be used to avoid unexpected pregnancy only at failure of regular contraceptive has become popular among the female workers in Free Trade Zones (FTZ).

Speaking, a Family Health Nurse stated that this emergency contraceptive pill must to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse in order to avoid unexpected pregnancy.
Due to the high intensity of hormones contained in the pill, it can cause irregularities in the normal menstruation cycle, triggering menstruation to occur two three times a month, she added.
Even though the pill must not be used as a regular contraceptive method , it is becoming popular among the female workers in FTZs.

When the doctors who operate medical dispensaries near FTZs were questioned regarding the situation they stated that many female workers, who are addicted to Postinor 2, have consulted them regarding disruptions in menstruation.

Out of 40,000 FTZ workers 80% are females and majority of them are living together with their partners, which has become a sub-culture in FTZs.

The factory owners of Free Trade Zones had to decrease the age limit of a worker to 16 as they could not find enough workers for the remaining 700 vacancies. As a result workers between 16 to 17 of age has started joining the work force at FTZs .Even teens of this age are getting addicted to the use of Postinor 2.

Under such a backdrop, providing them with sex education has become as a vital necessity.

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