Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Anarkali, Gayesha, Ruwanthi and Ginger at Polls

Western and Southern Provincial Council polls just round the corner, things have started to heat up not within the political circles, but from within the art circles.

Yesterday (20), several starlets appeared before interviews to select SLFP candidates for the upcoming PC polls.

Starlets Anarkali Akarsha, Gayesha Perera, Ruwanthi Mangala and Jude White (Ginger) appeared before interviews.

In addition, Hirunika Premachandra as well as Malsha Kumaratunga also appeared before interviews yesterday.

According to reports, Ginger, Gayesha and Anarkali will join the fray from Kolonnnawa, Dehiwala and Matara respectively while Ruwanthi and Malsha will join the fray from Colombo.

Meanwhile, Minister of Higher education, S.B. Dissanayake said that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party has received over 400 applications seeking an opportunity to contest for the upcoming Western and South PC polls.

He added that artistes as well as professionals had applied for candidacy.

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