Thursday, May 15, 2014

Galthanna Kapuwa 'robbed' of his 10m gold chain

A one Gamini Ananda, said to be a 'Kapu Mahaththaya' of Gaalthenna Dewala has complained to police that his gold chain worth around Rs. 10 million has been deceitfully taken from him.

The complaint lodged with the Thalathuoya police cites that the chain weighing around one kilogramme was given by the complainant to a resident in Gampola.

According to police, though Gamini Ananda has obtained a sum of Rs. one million from this person, he doesn't know details of the person.

The complainant, who is said to be a soothsayer to those who had lost their valuables, is now seeking the assistance of the police to recover his own jewellery.

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