Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hirunika takes up Ice Bucket Challenge

Promptly accepting fellow Councillor Malsha Kumaratunga’s challenge, UPFA provincial councillor Hirunika Premachandra has participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge and posted a video online.

Hirunika is shown standing outdoors in the rain and getting drenched by a basin of ice water. She then makes a brief impromptu speech listing out her three nominees, which includes UNP Uva PC candidate Harin Fernando, JVP  member Lal Kantha and Western Province UPFA Councilor Senal Welgama. She says she decided to nominate them as they are her ‘dear friends’ who she believes have ‘bright futures’.

In the description that is posted along with the video, Hirunika has written that to avoid wastage of water she has used rain water following Malsha who similarly used water from her pool to avoid wastage.

Malsha had named Hirunika, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Minister Mervyn Silva as her nominees for the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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