Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dharmasiri willing to use prostitute in film

Veteran film director Dharmasiri Bandaranayake says he is willing to accommodate even a prostitude, if talented as an actress, in a film by him.

He was speaking to the media in Rajagiriya yesterday (22) held to counter website and social media allegations against actresses Semini Iddamalgoda and Lochana Imashi that they had connections with drug dealer Wele Suda.

Bandaranayake said that in this present society, even making a living out of prostitution, is impossible.

He stressed that with the existing unethical politics, Sri Lanka cannot have ethical artistry.

The film director recalled how the president has described certain media’s triying to kill him as he had taken a two day vacation due to a phlegm trouble.

A rotten society is today speaking about ethics, he said.

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