Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I never knew Mr. Thajudeen : Yasara

A name that has come up with the death of Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen was of Yasara Abeynayake. In her comments Yasara said, “I never knew Mr. Thajudeen nor have I ever even spoken to him. These rumours started back in 2012 by a website named ‘Lanka Leaks’ and it has spread like fire ever since then. I don’t know why they attach me to this story but they unfortunately picked me and spread it far enough for people to believe their false story.

When asked whether the diplomatic position she was awarded to serve in Australia had any link with the incident she said Mr. Thajudeen passed away in 2012 and I got my posting in mid 2014 so my posting had nothing to do with the incident. Also this incident had nothing to do with my break-up as I never knew Wasim.

Yoshitha and I were engaged and it came to an end because our horoscopes did not match and his family was very superstitious about astrology related matters.This break-up with Yositha was just like any regular break-up but the sad part is that most people in the country decided to make it their business.” Meanwhile, in an interview with the Sunday Lankadeepa Yasara has mentioned that she had wanted to speak to the media when the incident happened. “Most people discouraged me from resorting to it saying that it was gossip stories which were unfounded and to take no notice of them. It was not my intention to follow these gossip web sites.

After some time those stories stopped circulating. But again after the elections it had come to the scene once again. Whenever I meet people they say things, which had greatly caused me and my family much distraught. This is unjustifiable. See the plight of people who are subjected to this harassment. It is my honourable request not to welcome all what is been published via the internet, and do not be in a haste to take decisions. Once the reports are released people would know the truth.

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