Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IRAJ's latest music video " Sitti maneela " GOT BANNED.

The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) under the direction of Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella is to appoint a religious committee to look into the appropriateness of music videos after a controversial music video created by a famous music producer stirred the Muslim community, Trustee of the Madampitiya Jumma Masjid Ziyad Ibrahim said yesterday.

“Minister Rambukwella had instructed government media outlets against showing the video, while appointing a religious committee at the TRC to look into religious sensitivity in music videos,” Mr. Ibrahim said.

According to him the Music producer had misled and cheated people into believing that it was a song about the dawn of peace and they were shocked at the outcome.


Guys please express your ideas about this decision.


Thank you.


  1. when it is with regard to Bhuddhism it is wrong!
    With Islam it is good for you all!!!!!
    Then why did you all ban the musician and the singer entering into Sri lanka just bec' he used an image as a statue all around the streets.
    why don't you all try to expose the rubbish of your community first.

  2. this video does not insult islamic teachings or its its totally insane banning this video.

  3. yeah, thnk about the reaction which was given 2 akon......
    4 u people, this can a normal thing, but as muslims this s a very serious problem 4 us,,:(

  4. yea....banning d video is d ryt thing....only muslims can u'stand the problem of dis....

  5. ane thambi pakayanta hukaganna kiyala umba oya wagema thawa song ekak karapan iraj aiye...... huththe sadachaare.... unta hondai ekata geenu 7k thiya ganna sinhala kollek muslim kellek gaththama thamai hene.........?????????????

  6. Yhh iraj ayya dnt wry broo fucking jamath guyzz..........i hate diz jamath ppl......... i dnt think ntng wrng in diz videoo broda its awsm bt sm 1 might hv been bulled dem..... i am really worried for it bro....... iraj ayya if there is a tree which disturb u to go further cut down it and go broo...........we all r behind u...........

    1. @shafraz
      ade muslima da,kalima solika.
      U bullshit....

  7. What needs to be understood here is that this is not only about islam, it is also discrimination against any decent woman who dresses modestly. a direct insult. regardless of her religious background. For budhists, when Akon danced with bikini girls around a budha statue it was offensive.
    Likewise, for muslims the veiling of women is considered precious, and it being center of an indirect mockery is not tolerable. it is part of the religion, we like to preserve our women, and true muslim women like to show their beauty only to their husbands. not for the entire world to see.
    A veiling for a woman is not a sign of her husband/father/brother being opressive, but it is a sign that she is following the teachings of the religion and she does not like to be an ornament for everyone to see & she likes to preserve her beauty.
    And as for the site ADMIN, yeah sure mate, you would not think this is an insult when you are exposing women from all sorts of religious backgrounds including your own.
    You all need to get it through your thick skulls that western ideologies are being injected into your brains without your own consent.
    with all due respect,wake the f**k up!

  8. I totally agree to what Anonymous said... on July 14, 2011 12:16 PM! Even I do wear the niqab...this is a total insult to me as well! and as for the azan that is being played in between the song...if verses from ur buddhist gatha were played in between an immodest song insulting ur religion will u bear it?????!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @AnonymousOct 1, 2011 08:51 AM
    u meant the Tiken Tike song?
    but it wasn't banned u fool.

  10. this doesn't insult any religion i believe
    iraj has made an awesome music video and ther is nothing wrong about it


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