Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boda meedum actress Udari chamika latest photoes

We have received some latest pictures of BODA MEEDUM main actress " Udari chamika WAarnakulasooriya's. "

she was the girl who act in a famous music video " BORUKARI " done by daddy band.
apart from boda meedum her name came to talk after get caught stealing stuff from famous srilankan shop ODEL few weeks ago.

Full name Udari Chamika Warnakulasuriya

D.O.B March 22, 1988

Age 21

School Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

Married to Dr. Sujith Indeewara Wijeratne

Favourite film Udayakantha Warnasuriya’s Aasai Mang Piyambanna

Favourite actors Amithabh Bachchan and Bimal Jayakody

Favourite actresses Aishwarya Rai and Malani Fonseka

Favourite food Conetto ice cream

Favourite beverage Strawberry milkshake

Address 24/4 B, Kadawatha Road,Kalubowila, Dehiwala

read more about ODEL incident : VISIT


  1. She's a beauty,



  2. Mistakes do happen and it is human nature. A nation whos leaders, elders, priests, and every body are thieves trying to throw stones at this young lady with an unfortunate incident.
    Stop bloody thieves in media spoiling her name anymore, stop gossip kings stealing someones life for a piece of cloth. This country is in such a chaos because of you idiots honesty and innocence!!! Fine the citizens of the great buddhist country behave.

    "He that is without sin cast a stone first"


  3. I feel this a propaganda for the tele drama 'bonda meedum' (I have never seen).

    Another matter is , if this true it can be a fault of Odel too.

    Once I went to Odel and I liked one blouse which is size 10, I tried it and it was perfect in size. So, since the size is correct I selected a blouse of the same which was size 10 mentioned in size label. I paid and bought it.
    When I came home tried it , it was very tight.
    Since I am a Garment trade person , with my experience I knew that they have attached the wrong size label (size 10) to a size 8 blouse.

    Since it was a expensive, I called and informed them and the next time when I went there I took it and went to change it.

    I spoke to the Manageress-in-charge and she asked me to speak to the cashier as well and change it.

    Then I went in and selected the correct size of the blouse and took it to the cashier. He immediately put it in the same bag I took and handed over it to me. Everything was perfectly done. I have already paid to it last time and it was their fault to attach a wrong label.

    So when I was going out the front door entrance rang the bell and the security stopped me. I was wandering what was happening, within 2 seconds the Manageress-in-change was standing right under my nose. They checked my bag and took the blouse out. I don't know what it was , it was due to some tag was not removed and they thought I am stealing a blouse. I told her, this is what I change to the correct size. then she said 'you should have informed the cashier and then take the blouse...I told her, it was her cashier who put it in this bag and gave it to me....go ask him. She was speechless. I blasted her....They did the wrong thing by selling garments with the wrong labels and we have to waste petrol and come a long distance to change it....whose fault....I told her to first correct Odel..without putting people into such embarrassing situations. Everyone was watching the drama....I blasted her and took my blouse and came out.

    Another thing is how about them selling branded buyers Garments. They are not suppose to sell the branded garments buyers goods in there stores even after cutting the label.
    Because the the factories can always make the same garments with branded label and sell to the shops. Shops are encouraging this. Is'nt this stealing. Then who is going to knee down...
    Customs have raided so many times the shops who are doing this kind of things.

  4. This is very wrong Otara, No I don't except it even though the girl is wrong. This is noway to handle a thing like this. U ARE WRONG OTARA.

  5. And you are correct in the her HR were violated, happy to hear that this girls will take legal action. Good stuff

  6. fuck odel for their loony prices and fuck this loony actress? for stealing from them foolishly
    in a way that she gets caught.
    study thiefography and steal . idiotic madhatter!

  7. ODEL goes out to protect the rights of dogs without protecting the rights of fellow Humans!!! Shame on you Otara for being such a lier & a hypocrite!!!

  8. i think she married 2 him ,,,,,,, g,,,,,mm........

  9. Ookita ohoma wela madi.nambuwa thiyagena inna danne nathi ganu.


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