Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sizzling Sarah WITH Photoes.. is not this 19 years old hot ??

She’s bold. She’s beautiful. She’s intelligent. She is everything in one package. She is Sarah Stephani Walker – a new generation model who is blessed with all the right features.
 You are just 19…but you appear to be more mature then your age?
“Well, I don’t think maturity comes with age, it comes with experience and attitude towards life.

Are you happy about your journey so far in the glamour world?
“Of course, there’s nothing to grumble about. I have posed for magazines as a model and have also done a couple of popular visuals. I believe I have a long journey to make in this field.

Are you happy with the feedback you are getting now?
“It’s so flattering to know that you are recognized by the people. However I make it a point to change my outlook quite regularly and that makes people wonder who this new girl is.  I like to be different at all times. I love changes in life and my looks. Looking different is so lovely, I should say.

Any links to glamour in your family?
“No, not in my immediate family circle but I had a cousin called Tissa who really supported and motivated me into this field. I am also grateful to Rozanne Diasz who helped m a lot.

What kind of person is this ‘Sarah’?
 “Oh she is a shy reserved type of person who comes out of her shell when the camera is switched on. I respect people and their views. I hate people who try to show off. I always want to have my feet firmly placed on the ground.

Was it your dream to become a model some day?
“Not really, but these thoughts were playing up in my mind from my schooldays as well. I was also dreaming of becoming a teacher, just like any other girl. I will be following a pre school teacher training course soon. Whatever I do, I want to do them in a professional manner. I must thank my director Rasika who helps me maintain this standard in the field.

Love and romance?
Love is something we need till we depart from this world. I am engaged to a nice guy who loves me immensely. He is very understanding, unassuming and so supportive. I am glad that I have the best guy in the world. We might marry in the future and that would not affect our love for each other.

What do you do when you are hurt?
I cry, cry and cry. I am easily hurt when I don’t get what I need. At times I know that I am stubborn too. But overall I have no reason to feel sad or hurt because I have been blessed with good things and good people around me.

How do you maintain your figure?
I of course pay attention to my diet. I am not a vegetarian. I eat anything. I don’t use sugar with my tea. I eat a lot of fruits and yeah….I love chocolates.

 source :: dailymirror

 and GO MAGAZINE interview with sarah....


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