Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yashoda Wimaladharma Photos

Yashoda Wimaladharma was born on 28th October, 1970. Her father is a Professor at University of Kelaniya and her mother is a former dancer and school teacher.

She did her schooling at Milagiriya St. Paul's girls's school which is one of the leading girl's school in Colombo. Her first appearence is on 1985 of Teledrama named "Atta Bindei" and she become a popular actress by "Asalwesiyo" tele series. Yashoda's first movie is "Gurugedara" which directed by Vijaya Dharmasiri. She won a merit award for the role in Gurugedara film.

She appeared in Malayalam film of Acharyan (Guru) as a main actress on 1992. She also took part in French film "Le Prix Diune Femme (The price of a woman) on 1993.
She is the only actress who won most popular actress award at the Sumathi Tele Awards for five consecutive years (1998~2002). That is enough to know her popularity among her fans.


  1. yashoda is wetta pasi

    1. zirawata ehemada?

    2. Yashodha,
      You are my favorite actress from " Doodaruwo". Future also you are my favorite.

  2. ado zirawatama meki gonak da? she is unmarried

  3. dear site admins yashoda sirawatama jara ekkanekda?

  4. hey dear admins can u find me that yashoda is a girl with a bad charactor?

  5. id like to marry her. shes very pretty!!!!!!


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