Friday, August 12, 2011

Model Himali Gunasekera With and Without Make up

See... They DO look like us ... It would be nice to say that models outshine us mere mortals due to retouching and professionally done makeup and hair, but sometimes they really are just…beautiful.
The images are quietly revealing, giving the viewer a sense of the real girl underneath the model name. The simple, open faced beauty is something rarely seen in this industry, and comes as a refreshing dose of what makes a model such an icon in the first place

Himali Gunasekera is a famous model in the country. We received some photos of her with and without make-up.

With Make Up

Without make up

source : EK


  1. Haffoi.... Luks horrible ne :D

  2. she looks ok, looks normal to me...than that big black smoky eyes and big red lips and very unrealistic skin colour they wear for modeling.... she looks like a model with makeup...and a normal girl without makeup...


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