Sunday, August 7, 2011

SLT Head quarters workers on strike

Over 90% of the staff at Sri Lanka Telecom Head quarters in Colombo struck work and walked out and held a rally protesting against the Sri Lanka Telecom's discriminative practices.

Equal pay for equal work was the demand of 23 trade unions in Sri Lanka Telecom who are united to stop the "Slave Camps" in the company. A subsidiary company SLT Manpower has been hiring casual employees for regular jobs in the company. Trade unions have been demanding regularization of the employees and stop the discriminative exploitation .
Unions are fighting to get all contract employees regularized as some of them have been working over 10 years as temporary employees in SLT. All casual contact employees have formed their own union and joined the strike as well.

Unions are agitating to resolve their longstanding issues not addressed by the company.
CEO has not given an opportunity for the union leaders to meet and discuss their problems. An uproar over huge payment of a transport allowance to few senior executive in Sri Lanka Telecom triggered the employees anger. As unions alleges that executives are enjoying at the expense of the casual and contract employees who are deprived of decent work.

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