Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Model Charitha Darshani Waidyasiri Photos

Charitha Darshani Waidyasiri is an up and coming model with a vision and mission to accomplish success in the world of glamour.

This is a Interview she gave to uth mirror about love and her life.

We all love to do things that make us happy. What do you do in the context?

Hmm...it is not a special thing for me, it generally applies to all. I am happy always if my duties and responsibilities towards work are done perfectly.

Why do you think women are not candid in the presence of men?
It depends on the person you meet in your life....

In love should a man die for one woman only?

I don’t agree with that. That’s my personal idea but I don’t know about others..

You have no problems with males?

Not at all. But I don’t go behind and create problems..

But what if men see these pictures and come after you?

It is his human mentality I don’t bother about that..

What is most important to you in a man – education, social standing or wealth?

I disregard all three ideas. I believe only in humane qualities..

You may have a vision…?

Of course..  If anyone completes their duties and responsibilities entrusted to them there won’t be any problem in anyone’s life.

Source : dailymirror.lk

All the credit goes to photographers.


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