Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Namal Rajapaksha's Threat ( Video )

UPFA parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa has said that he had told the President to relocate the Colombo shanty dwellers if they do not vote for the UPFA.

Speaking at a political meeting in Borella, he had said that the present regime is taking measures to relocate shanty dwellers into more suitable housing.

He has further said as follows :

However, rumours charging otherwise, charge that we are going to drop them off somewhere away from Colombo or that the housing would not be built. However, no one counting the President, ministers, the Defence Secretary or any other person included in this housing plan project has any intention of doing so. The plans for alternate housing are located in the very areas they live in and suitable housing will be built in those areas, he said. Turning aside, he had jokingly said, however, I have told the President to drop them off somewhere if they don’t vote for us because someone else getting the vote while we are building houses…its just isn’t done.

source : srilankamirror

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