Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romesh Sugathapala Wedding Photos

Young Singer Romesh Sugathapala's wedding was held recently at Cinnamon lakeside colombo. These are some photos of the wedding.

According to sources they have met in school days and after long love story they got married.

We OUR LANKA team wish Both of them Happy Wedded Life.


  1. romash aiyaga wadding akata mama suba pathanawa romash aiyatai omali akkatai. suba mangallayak wawa. omali akka godak lassanai wadding aka dawasa. wish you a oll tha bast. budusaranai.

  2. Actually ,i am very sad when i see all these photos because i was not invited for the wedding.That's because i don't know Romesh personally.Anyway all the best ,Romesh.Almost most of the singers have attended the wedding.specially iraj

  3. Another thing that i need to say is ,Omali u are very lucky to have such a good husband,as he is a famous singer by now.Actually when i see all these photos tears come to my eyes as Romesh got married.I didn't expect such a thing soon.Atleast if Romesh ayya had invited me,i would have made up my mind.It's ok.That's because i don't know him personally.Anyway all the best,Romesh ayya .But pls remember Romesh ayya,don't say goodbye to the music industry although u got married.

  4. Such a Marvolous wedding...


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