Saturday, August 25, 2012

Actress Samudra accused of running brothel

Actress Samudra Liyanage is reportedly the owner of a brothel fronting as a hotel in Moratuwa that was raided by the anti-vice squad yesterday (Aug. 23), according to police.

During the raid, two women and the manager of the place were arrested.

Police said the actress was the owner of the hotel, who had not been there at the time of the raid.
A decoy was used for the raid, and it has been found that a client had to pay Rs. 8,000 per hour to obtain services of a woman there.

Samudra Liyanage was the second runners up at Miss Sri Lanka 1995 and later acted in several films and tele dramas.

The suspects are due to be produced before courts, while the actress is to be questioned.

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