Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nittawela Clash ( Photos and Videos )

There was a  clash that took place during an inter club rugby encounter at Nittawela in Kandy Aug 12.

The Navy, which has all three sons of the president as players, was defeated by Kandy Sports Club in the match.

Failing to accept the defeat, a group of Navy men had assaulted the spectators, said Kandy SC president Lasantha Wijesuriya.

It was the Navy physiotherapist who had begun all Navy supporters too beat up the spectators and drove them away from the grounds as the winners were celebrating, he has told BBC Sandeshaya.

It had taken place after President Mahinda Rajapaksa and first lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa had left the venue after the match, while their three sons, as well as the large police contingent present, looked on as the assault was taking place, he charged.

Last year too, the Navy beat up Kandy SC players, but police were yet to take any action, Mr. Wijesuriya said.

However, Navy spokesman Commodore Kosala Warnakulasuriya has rejected the accusation, saying Navy players were injured when spectators attacked them.

Kandy Sports Club beat Navy Sports Club by 25-20 in a second round Dialog Division A club rugby match played at Nittawela last 12th.


  1. the kandians should have banged all the navy fellows and chased them from this venue. The three idiots should have been banged in public.

  2. Army fellows are puting a nice jack to Rohitha hehe karanda puluwang wadak karapang nangi malli ubala pahatha ratanam ehema hitapiyo.

  3. You are another stupid trying to bring another war instead of having peace. Beat your own brother and see the outcome. We Sri Lankans all have kind of sickness that need realisation, avoid hateress, Anger. Don't want to accept the win or loose when it comes to a game, Don't want to keep peace but instigate for more war between brothers, neighbours, religeons, nationalities, If not your own mother. When are we going to understand eachother? when are we going to realise that every human need happiness?

  4. Dont worry everyhing is ready next time when they leave sri lanka...

  5. Rohithayata kate arala kowdho.........

  6. For the ==> Anonymous(August 18, 2012 at 2:43 PM)
    Who the hell F@$# you are.......????
    katha karanawa nang katha karapang deshapalana balahathkarakam gana.... Janadhipathi balathala kreedawata ayuthu lesa yoda ganna eka gana......
    ehema nathuwa methanata udarata, pahatharata hari jaathi, kula aagam bedha hari adala nahe....... !!!
    eka dana ganing, patta meeharako............


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