Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No more hardworking for Nilanthi

Famous dancer and actress Nilanthi Dias has given up all hard work according to SLM.

When a famous organizer of musical fiestas called her to invite her for a musical show, she has rejected the invitation saying ‘I have given up hard work for a little while’.

However, the reason behind Nilanthi not being a busybody anymore is a little bundle of joy she is expecting in to her nest soon.

Nilanthi Dias who joined the local art industry following her famous dance for the song ‘Pitikotapan None’ by Sunil Perera’s band Gypsies, knotted the tie with Niroshan Krishantha Fonseka in 2011 at Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Their marriage was registered at Temple Trees while President Mahinda Rajapaksa was one of the witnesses.

Due to her unearthly fear for vaccinations, many in the industry calls her with the pet name ‘Injection Nilanthi’.

Nilanthi’s fans can enjoy her dances in Bandu Samarasinghe’s comedy ‘ Piter one’ which is currently on screen .

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