Friday, June 21, 2013

"" caught for illegal liquor trade

Sri Lanka Excise special investigation division has been able to raid a mega racket of distributing liquor to various parts of the country through internet orders.

Excise department states that this is the first instance in Sri Lanka where such a racket was raided.
It is said that this Liquor racket has been conducted by an institution called "Kapruka" who had been distributing there products through a website, under cover of various goods deliveries.

It has been revealed that the employees of this business place had delivered the liquor to the doorsteps of the people who had ordered them from the internet web site.

They also have provided credit card payment service.

Colombo Excise investigation unit had uncovered this racket by using a secret agent and at the moment the owner of the "Kapruka" institute has been arrested by the Excise officers.

A liquor stock worth Millions of Rupees which was found in a warehouse belonging to "Kapruka" at Kirulapone, has been confescated by the Excise department.

It has also been revealed that this business had been conducted in other countries like US, UK and Australia as well.

This racket has been conducted nearly 8 years and the suspects are to be presented to the Colombo Magistrate court today (20).

The owner of this website has been identified as Mr. Dulin Herath, who is the son of former Buddhist affairs secretary Mr. K. Herath and his mother Nilangani Herath is an active Feng Shui practicer in Sri Lanka.

An excise officer said that this institution had not obtained a proper license to conduct liquor deliveries through internet. He further stated that it is illegal to store or transport liquor without a proper license.

However, the accused "Kapruka" is a website which received many awards for its online marketing services.

Court today (20) ordered to release the 2 employees of the "Kapruka" website after being fined.
The were charged for illegally distributing liquor all around the country.

Roshan Milroy Perera and Ravi Daraniyagala are the 2 employees who were arrested while delivering a liquor order received through the "Kapruka" website.

They were fined for the charges of illegally selling local and foreign liquor without a license, transporting them and possessing them.

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