Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nehara to quit acting ?

Four time winner of the popular actress at the Raigam Teles awards - Nehara Peiris is to bid adieu to her acting career after her marriage to actor Menaka Rajapaksha, reliable sources say.

Nehara is to start a preschool after ending her acting career and is following a course on Montessori education these days.

However, she will continue to work as a programme presenter and announcer.

Menaka and Nehara were both married earlier but both marriages ended in separation.

Menaka’s ex-wife – Virangi is in Kelaniya and the and Menaka have a daughter who is attending pre-school.

Nehara was married to Nirmal Perera, who worked in the IT sector.

Speaking to a weekend newspaper recently, Nehara has told that she is confident that Menaka suits her.

She has also added that despite not having huge dreams for the future, her biggest dream yet, is to enjoy a beautiful married life with Menaka.

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  1. Me wage innawanam monawa karanna barida.


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