Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Royal teacher protests on the roof

It is reported that a female school teacher in Royal college, Colombo is engaging in a protest by climbing up on to the roof a school building.

The reason for this protest is said to be a transfer which has been given to her.

When inquired regarding from the secretary of the Ceylon teachers union Mr. Joseph Stalin, he said that the first thing to do is to rescue the teacher from the dangerous situation.

The teacher who is protesting is Ms. Kalyani Dissanayake.

She is a assistant principal in grade 1,2.

Ms. Dissanayaka had previously complained about the corruption going on in the Royal college.
It is said that she has been given a transfer to Anula Vidyalaya, and after she lodged a complaint to the bribery commission, she has been given another transfer before Hearing her case.

She has been removed from the roof top with the help of the police.  

Later she has been taken in to the Kurunduwatte police station and a statement has been recorded.
Last week 4 teachers in the Royal College have been given transfers and they say that it is unfair for them.

They accuse that the Royal college was a ground for corruption under the knowledge of the principal.
The teachers say that it is because they revealed this to outside, they have been given transfers.
However, education minister Bandula Gunawardhana said that a disciplinary action will be taken against the teacher.

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