Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Suspects who attacked Malaka Silva not identified yet

The Police reports that the Defender with the registration number WP – AI 5213 in which the group that stabbed and assaulted the son of Minister Mervyn Silva, Malaka Silva arrived, belongs to PSD.
However, the police suspects that the proprietors might have used a fake number plate.

While the Cinnamon Garden Police is probing the incident, it has also took into police custody the security cameras of Odel shopping complex car park, where the incident has occurred, in connection with identification of suspects.

The police have also taken measures to observe the security camera footage of the Colombo city in order to find information regarding the vehicle in which the assaulters arrived.

The police have discovered a broken glass bottle in the location where Malaka Silva was assaulted. They suspect that Malaka has been stabbed with the particular bottle.

The police has discovered that there had been an attempt to abduct Malaka , reports say.

However, speaking to media Minister Mevyn Silva stated that the assaulters have attempted to send Malaka to the morgue not to the hospital.

The Minister requested from Media to inquire regarding the death of three including his sister and brother who were murdered while he was in Tissamaharamaya.

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