Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mother of one rapes 15 year old boy

A complaint has been lodged to the Ambalantota Police station that a 23 year old mother of one has abused a 15 year old boy by using him for sexual activities.

The complaint has been lodged by the grand mother of the boy.

The suspect woman has been sent to medical testing by the Ambalatota police and the victim boy has been sent to Hambantota hospital for treatment as his penis has been badly wounded.

It is said that the husband of this woman is a night shift security officer and that when he leaves for work, this boy who lives in the neighborhood, had been staying at her house overnight to give company.

When the boy had gone home in the morning after the night on the 27th, the grand mother had seen the boy in discomfort and had questioned him.
After the revelation of the facts, the grand mother had gone to the Police station with the boy to complain about this harassment.

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