Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Husband pawns wife to friend

A disturbing news about a person pawning his wife to borrow money is reported from Dambulla police station.

The story has been revealed after the debtor has complained to the police station asking the police to help him to retrieve his wife who is under the custody of his friend.

It is said that this person is a heavy drug addict and had borrowed 15,000 Rupees from one of his friends to buy narcotics. and as for the interest and security, he had pawned his wife to the friend for 90 days.

The wife being a mother of two, had faced this with consent and had lived together with the friend for one and a half months. And by enjoying the love and care of "her owner" she had become fond of the friend than her drug addict husband who harasses her all the time.

It is also said that the friend too was a divorcee and that they both had lived together happily.

But after the time period, the husband had asked the wife to come with her but she had refused. The friend too had refused to give him her.

However, the woman says that the friend is better than her husband. The friend says that he is not giving her the women who was pawned to her. And the husband asks the police to give him back his wife.

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