Friday, September 6, 2013

Hiru Mega Bite Team Remanded

Three suspects who are told to be working in a Hiru Tv was brought before Negambo magistrate yesterday (05) under the accusation of harassing the well known actor Mihira Sirithilaka and attempting to obtain ransom from his wife.

The suspects were ordered to be sent to remand prison until the 10th September.

The suspects were a program presenter in the Hiru TV named Sunoj Fernando and actors of "Mega bite" TV program Patric Mayura and Charith Fernando.

On the 1st September, While returning home with a group of persons after shooting a visual for a Song, Mr. Sirithilaka had been abducted by this group who had come in a jeep.

This group had made death threats to Mr. Sirithilaka while making him kneel down on the street and had telephoned his wife to demand ransom.

While doing all these, they had video taped all the events to be telecasted in a program called "Mega bite" in Hiru TV.

On the very day of the event, Kochchikade police has handed in a B report to the Court regarding the incident.

Two of the suspects were brought before the judge without exposure and was ordered to be presented to an identification parade.

But the presenter of the Mega bite program was exposed in his capacity.

Police also reported to the Court that the Jeep used in the crime has not yet been taken in to police custody, as well as the recordings of the event.

Meanwhile the defense counsel informed the Court that the particular TV channel has agreed to give their consent to any condition of the victim, to mediate the issue without going for further legal action.

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