Friday, April 4, 2014

Chaturanga is not my lover – Lakshika

Lakshika Jayawadena, who attracted media over an incident where film director Padmasiri Kodikara has made an ill mannered proposal to her, has attracted a cricketer as well rumours say.

It is heard that the lovestruck cricketer is Chathuranga de Silva who has been begging for her love for sometime.

However, Chathuranga has not thus far been able to win her heart.

But Actress Lakshika Jayawardena says cricketer Chaturanga de Silva is not her lover, but a close friend.

Responding to rumours She says her regular meetings with Chaturanga as a close friend have been misinterpreted. 

Lakshika, who has accused director Padmasiri Kodikara of having made undue advances to her, also says her complaint against director Kodikara will be taken up by Mt. Lavinia police tomorrow.

The inquiry will also be attended by another actress Nishani Gamage, who has made similar accusations against him, said Lakshika.

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