Monday, September 22, 2014

Box seats to the Maradhana - Mathara train

Sri Lankan railway has reportedly introduced box seats to the train travelling from Maradana at 6.35 in the morning since yesterday (Sept 20).

The train reaches Matara by 11.00 am and leaves Matara at 2.00 pm to reach Maradana by 6.30 pm. The seats should be reserved according to Sri Lankan Railway and passengers can use the online facility as well. The ticket price from Colombo to Galle is Rs. 800, while a ticket from Matara to Colombo costs Rs. 1000.

The air conditioned compartment consists of 24 seats which can be covered and each seat comprises of facilities to plug lap tops and mobile phone for charging. The compartment also provides space to securely store luggage.

The General Manager of Railways, B.A.P Ariyaratne, who introduced the particular concept has stated the compartment was created to facilitate the people who travel by groups. The restructuring of the compartment has cost Rs 3.2 million.

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