Friday, September 19, 2014

Six Thai women arrested at a brothel in Colpetty

Panadura Walana Anti-Vice Squad has raided a brothel which operated at hotel Juliana in Colpetty yesterday (15). The brothel had been operative in the disguise of a Thai Ayurvedic Spa. Six Thai women had been arrested at the raid along with two Sri Lankans who were in charge of the management of the brothel.

At the time of arrest they had two hundred and fifty thousand rupees in their possession which was declared as their half a day’s income. They had confessed that usually their daily income is around five hundred thousand rupees.

Four customers, two Sri Lankan youths and two Arabians were also apprehended during the raid, and it has been revealed that Arabians used to indulge in the luxuries of the Thai Spa whenever they came to Sri Lanka.

Six Thai women who were arrested had come to Sri Lanka on tourist visa.

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