Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Basil to be back within days

Former economic development minister Basil Rajapaksa, who left the country soon after the presidential election, has decided to return soon.

He told that he would be back within days pursuant to a court notification for him to give a statement pertaining to alleged financial irregularities in the Divi Neguma Development Department.

He strongly rejected media reports that he had fled the country, and said he spent a few weeks’ vacation with his children after nine years of hectic life.

Rajapaksa said he would respond, immediately upon his return, to the charges against him, adding that he had never resorted to illegal acts. Financial irregularities of over Rs. 6,500 million The police spokesman said the ex minister would be questioned over financial dealings of the the Divi Neguma Development Department, as its director general R.R.K. Ranawaka had told police that he had followed Rajapaksa’s orders.

The financial crime division of the police will interrogate Rajapaksa over more than Rs. 6,500 million of financial irregularities in the Department. They include the withdrawal of Rs. 4,681 m plus Rs. 36.6 m of interest, from the Department account no. 76488889 of Battaramulla branch of the Bank of Ceylon. Also, Rs. 1,646 m had been withdrawn on four different occasions from the BoC Borella branch account no. 7041562 to the name of the DG of the Department.

The spending of Rs. 73 m on a conference, dividend money of Department employees, renovation of the homes of the Divi Neguma beneficiaries and the printing of a calendar during the presidential polls will also be investigated. When police had gone to the Medamulana address mentioned in Rajapaksa’s passport to handover the court order, its occupants had obstructed them.

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