Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sidath Wettimuny to head cricket administration

The government has taken steps, through a gazette extraordinary issued on March 27 to appoint an interim committee for Sri Lanka Cricket effective from April 01.

Sidath Wettimuny has been appointed chairman of that interim committee. The gazette says sports minister Navin Dissanayake has made the appointment as per clauses 32, 33 and 34 of the sports act.

Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today (30) announced the dissolution of the SLC administration and the appointment of an interim committee that will administer the institution until the conclusion of investigations into fraud and corruption in the past.

An election would hamper the investigation, he said. The SLC owes Rs. 500 million to State Engineering Corporation for the construction of stadiums and the state had lost considerable income due to CSN being given cricket telecast rights. The interim committee also has Prakash Schaffter, Lucille Wijewardena, Kushil Gunasekara and Kapila Wijewardena, while Nuzki Mohamed, Prasanna Jayawardena, Jayananda Warnaweera and Duminda Hulangamuwa will comprise a member board. The election for SLC was due to take place on April 30, BBC Sandeshaya reports.

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  1. In Sri Lankan point of view the interim committee will be ok. But we will have to give excuses to ICC surely.


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