Thursday, December 15, 2011

Traffic plan for Night Races

A number of roads in Colombo will be closed to make way for the Colombo Night Races which is to be held on Friday and Saturday.

The roads will be closed from 7.00pm on Friday till 6.00am on Saturday and again from 6.00pm on Saturday till 6.00am on Sunday.

‘Electric Peacock Festival’ will be held at Chaithya Road tomorrow and on Saturday at 6.30pm featuring a number of artistes. Following the festival the races will start after 9.00pm, organizers said. 
Public and private sector employees are advised to take alternative roads and take their vehicles or buses after finishing work at 4.30pm tomorrow, the police said.

The race will start from the Lotus Road in front of the Galadari Hotel. Then it will go through the Ceramic Junction, a left turn from the CTO Junction, Chatham Street, Baron Jayathilake Mawatha and then a left turn towards York Street and then towards the York Street-Bank Road Junction. From the junction, turn right towards Janadipathi Mawatha, NSA roundabout and finally back to Lotus Road.

Lorries and buses will not be permitted to enter from several places during the given time periods. The places are Colpetty Junction, Pittala Junction, Ibbanwala Junction, Gamini roundabout, Ceynor Junction and the Khan roundabout.

No vehicles will be allowed to enter the Fort area from the Galle Face roundabout, Regal roundabout, Khan clock tower, Olcotte Mawatha and the Ceynor Junction during the time the races will be held on Friday and Saturday.

Vehicles heading to Fort from Galle Road and again heading to the Galle Road will have to go through the Kollupitiya Junction, Pittala Junction, Lipton Circus, a right turn from the Ibbanwala Junction towards the Maradana Junction, Technical Junction, Fort and again from the Ceynor Junction towards the Galle Road.

Police also advised motorists heading to Fort from Havelock Road and again to Havelock Road to go through the Soyza roundabout, Lipton Circus, a right turn from the Ibbanwala Junction towards the Maradana Junction, Technical Junction and to Fort and then again from Ceynor Junction on the same roads back to Havelock Road.

SOURCE : dailymirror

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