Monday, May 28, 2012

A minister... poplar actress and an abortion

A minister who had an affair with a poplar actress is saddened after the actress decided to go for an abortion, according to SLM.

The minister said that the actress is the apple of his eye and is the woman he loves most in the world.
Despite such a love, it is saddening that she had decided to abort his child, he said.

Nevertheless, her decision has not dented their relationship; he is just having the feelings of a father who had lost his child, the minister clarified.

The abortion has taken place at a hospital in Colombo yesterday (25) after citing heavy bleeding as the cause.

Speaking further, the minister said that he has always been open about his relationship with her, even when he was questioned by a bigwig of the government.
However, he was careful not to put the government in an awkward position due to this relationship, he added.

The relationship was no news to the actress’s husband either.

Last Sunday, the Minister – who has a soft spot for kids, has apparently met with the husband and pleaded not to go ahead with the abortion, saying that he will take complete responsibility of the child’s upbringing.


  1. who is this couple??

  2. Nayana kumari. Minister ??

  3. what is the name of this Minister and the actress ?

  4. Minister Kumara welgama shares Nayana Kumari 2 days a week, but it is believed he is the innocent part here, because under the guise of friendship and another under 'cousin' category, she is believed to be with a famous producer and a rich dealer also.


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