Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paboda to act no more ?

Talented actress and dubbing artist Rashi Paboda Sandeepani has decided to bid adieu to the acting field, according to Sri Lanka Mirror.

Under this backdrop, the mega movie production Super Six, which will hit the theaters today ( May 17 ) will be Paboda’s swansong.

Currently, Paboda is to be wed to Sidath Chandrasiri Bandara a businessmen based in Kottawa and this is thought to be the most possible reason for her decision.

Sidath’s father is Nimal Chandrasiri Bandara owner of the famed Nimal garage in Kottawa.
Mr. Nimal’s house is frequently used as a set during productions and reports say that this has led to the meeting of Paboda and Sidath.

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