Friday, April 20, 2012

Menaka Rajapaksa divorced

Colombo courts heard the divorce case of Menaka Rajapaksa to separate from his wife Virangani Yesterday.

The verdict was given by the Magistrate for Menaka’s case for a divorce. The Magistrate allowed the divorce only on conditions laid by the authorities of the Courts.
All expenses of his daughter has to be paid by Menaka. Menaka also should allow his former wife Virangani to take full responsibility of looking after the daughter and total care of the daughter would be in the hands of Virangani without Menak’s interference.

There was a rumour about a relationship between Menaka and Nehara peiris but both say it is a  very close friendship and nothing beyond that. However both were seen together at various public places and at various functions where Tele drama actors participated.

Last year Nehara had filed a divorce from a former legal husband Nirmal at the magistrate courts and the verdict was given in favour of Nehara and, she was awarded a divorce from Nirmal.

Since then the two Menaka and Nihara were seen openly at public places and most recent past were seen in pictures in the city of Boston at America for acting in a Tele drama.

Menaka and Virangi

Menaka and Nehara

Nehara and Nirmal

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