Monday, October 15, 2012

Gay brothel raided in Nugegoda

Police raided an alleged gay brothel in the Nugegoda area said to be run by a prominent businessman and arrested three males last night.

A special police team from the Mirihana police conducted the raid following information that this particular businessman was running the business under the guise of ‘Salons’.  Police also arrested two women sex workers along with three managers from the same location.

Initial investigations revealed that the businessman believed to be having several such ‘salons’ in and around Nugegoda, claiming to provide services such as haircuts and other beauty needs.


  1. සිරවටම පුදුමයි

  2. What about the gay brothels run by Senaka De Silva, Ramzi Rahman, Prassanna Pathmanathan, Anushka Pilimatalawwe, Chary Navaratnam & Sandun Chathuranga Aluwihare????

    1. they are well known gays but they don't run brothels.

  3. Who really cares

  4. Dont we have more perssing matters like? less income and more cost in the country..and we barely have money for food...dont you wanna survive first before you talk about guy having sex with a guy, which is very normal in sri lanka town is full of them..but they all are married too... god this is not a surprise any more so lets focus on much important matters in the country..


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