Friday, October 5, 2012

Anarkali Akarsha and Wambatu

Anarkalli Aakarsha Jayatilaka (born July 11, 1987) is an award winning Sri Lankan film and teledrama actress, model,singer, TV presenter and a politician. She was crowned Miss Sri Lanka 2004 and represented Sri Lanka at the Miss World 2004 beauty pageant. She attended Colombo International School.

 Anarkalli briefly served as a coordinating secretary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. She was contest for the Galle District for upcoming Southern Provincial Council Election, says the United People's Freedom Alliance(UPFA) General Secretary. On 29 October 2009, she was elected to the Southern Province Council. She is the youngest female councillor to date, and the sole female member on the Council.

few days ago when she was sitting at council meeting opposition councillor Bandulal Bandarigoda has walk into it with a brinjal ( Wambatu ) chain on his neck. She was very upset on that and talk against it.

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