Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sudu Nangi to publish a Ayurvedic magazine

Popular actress Ayomi Shanika is to start on a new project and it’s not a new tele drama either.
according to Mirror web that ‘Ayomi, better known as Sudu Nangi among her fans, is set to make use of her professional credentials as an Ayurvedic doctor and print a magazine on Ayurvedic medicine.

The quarterly magazine, named as ‘Aayu’, will feature articles from professionals in the field.
The maiden issue of the magazine will be launched this December, reports say.

Aayu will be published by Ayomi and one of her friends.

Noting that Ayurvedic medicine is a balance of food, habits and mental health, Ayomi says that Ayurvedic medicine is used for a falsified sense of beauty culture.

Ayomi, who rose to fame through the character of ‘Sudu Nangi’ in the teledrama Jeewithe Lassanai, will be seen in several upcoming teledramas as well.

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