Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sakvithi strips off in court cell

Sakvithi Ranasinghe, who is alleged to have deceived about 2000 people, yesterday took off his clothes leaving him only in his underwear inside the remand cell at the Gangodawila Magistrate Court, shouting aloud that he was innocent.

He also alleged that the government and the police were responsible for his predicament.

Both Sakvithi and his wife Kumari were produced before Gangodawila Magistrate Ajith M.Masinghe who further remanded them till December 28.
He was brought to court and locked up in the court cell by the prison officers.

When the court was in session he took off his clothes and started to shout that he was innocent and that the government and the police were responsible for his predicament. He shouted that he was manhandled and harassed in prison.

Prison officers however managed to put on his clothes with great difficulty. Even after he was taken to the prison bus he removed his clothes again and continued to shout.

Sakvithi Ranasinghe who had been a popular English tuition teacher is alleged to have cheated about 2000 people and defrauded their cash deposits amounting to some Rs.1050 million.  After the fraud came to light he fled to India with his wife in 2008 and returned to the country in disguise. He was identified and arrested in August 2010 when he was running a tuition class again and sometime working as a sand miner in disguise.

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